Platinum 65 Post Mix Cooler Price Including VAT £810.00

Platinum 65 Post Mix Cooler Price Including VAT £810.00

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Platinum 65HX High Performance Remote Soda Recirc Cooler


Our latest edition to the R290 hydrocarbon range of coolers the Platinum 65HX cooler is designed for effective performance and improved energy efficiency.


Utilising a 15-litre water bath, the Platinum 65HX develops a 6.5 kg icebank reserve for optimum performance. Built for durability and reliability, the unit achieves optimum dispense-point temperatures by combining its efficient refrigeration system with a unique and optimised coil-pack design.


The Platinum 65HX offers longer bath coils to maximise capacity and performance, and uses a powerful 6/11 re-circulation pump to recirculate the carbonated water more effectively and minimise heat absorption.

• Ideal for a range of applications especially remotely-sited or undercounter installations

• Improved access to components for easier maintenance and on-site servicing

• The unit easily fits on bar, café and restaurant counters. Perfect for where areas with limited space


Available without syrup coils (incurs lead time)


Price Excludes VAT