Platinum Beverages home bar beer kit complete with beer cooler

Platinum Elegance System Price Including VAT £718.80

Excluding Sales Tax

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Platinum Elegance System 

  • Platinum One Cooler (mechanical thermostat)
  • Platinum Elegance Font & Tap
  • Mixed Gas Regulator 
  • Keg Coupler (please select choice) 
  • Keg Coupler Gas Inlet & Product Outlet Fittings x 2
  • 3/8 to 5/16 Flow Control
  • 3/8 Speedfit Elbow Fittings X 4
  • 3/8 Gas line  (3m)
  • 3/8 Clear MDP line  (3m)
  • Insulation Tubing (3m)
  • Gas Bottle Chain


Optional Upgrades


Two Product Cooler -  Upgrading to a two product cooler will allow you to add an additonal beer at a later date.


** All Home Bar Kits are carrying a two week lead time**