Refurbished Platinum Two Twin System Price Including VAT £599.00

Refurbished Platinum Two Twin System Price Including VAT £599.00

Excluding Sales Tax

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Platinum Two System- No Tap

  • Platinum Two Refurbished Cooler (6 months warranty)
  • Mixed Gas Regulator
  • Keg Coupler x 2 (please select choices) 
  • Keg Coupler Gas Inlet & Product Outlet Fittings x 4
  • 3/8 Speedfit Elbow Fittings x 6
  • 3/8 Gas Pipe (4m)
  • 3/8 Clear MDP line (4m)
  • Insulation Tubing (4m)
  • Gas Bottle Restraint


Optional Upgrades


Flow Control -  A flow control connects the 3/8 beer line from the cooler to the dispense tap & allows you to control the speed of dispense. Not required if your tap has an inbuilt flow control.


Secondary Regulator - Installed after the primary gas regulator, a secondary regulator allows for multipule products to be set at diffrent pressures.