Platinum Beverages are proud to be launching a new premium product into the Brewing, Beverage and Hospitality Sectors. 


The Venom countertop beverage dispenser is designed and manufactured here in the UK.  Using our latest Dry-Core® Technology, coupled together with eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant, the Venom can deliver draught beverages at a constant low temperature.  Ready to dispense in minutes! 


Here are a few features and benefits of the new Venom beverage dispenser: 


  • Built in air compressor – Ideal for use with KeyKegs, Polykegs and can also be used with steel kegs. 

  • Dry-Core® Technology uses an Aluminum cast block to chill the product – no need to worry about ice-banks and ‘topping’ up water levels, the Venom is ‘plug & play’. 

  • High Performance Capacity – Delivers either 45 or 80 pints per hour of chilled beverage. 

  • In-built digital thermostat – ensures the perfect drink temperature. 

  • Hydrocarbon refrigerant - green, environmentally friendly. 

  • Manufactured in the UK – Always in stock. 


Additional benefits: 

  • U.K based design team – We can brand your Venom with your brand preference.  

  • We can supply the full range of keg connectors, cleaning bottles and regulators. 


Optional Upgrades

  • Size - Choose between the Venom 45 or 80

  • Co2 Regulator - Choose to add a Co2 regulator for use with standard steel kegs or utilise the inbuilt air compressor with Keykegs or Polykegs

  • Keg Coupler - Choose to add a keg coupler if you dont already have one.